What to Expect at an Urgent Care Visit for Your Pet

When you notice your pet is very sick and showing severe signs of illness, you are most likely to call your vet. However, you may find your vet is unavailable; instead, they may refer you to an emergency care unit. 


Emergency or urgent care differs in several ways from your local vet's office in how they operate and treat patients. They do not take appointments as they often deal with multiple emergencies. They also do not work on a first-come, first-serve basis but rather on which of their client's pets is in more danger. 



What Happens When You Get to the Center?


When you first get to the center, you will likely find several clients with their pets in the waiting room. If you are worried about your pet, you can go to the counter and ask for help. 


Do not be surprised if the receptionist or staff in charge will not immediately take you to see the vet but instead give you a questionnaire to fill out first. Why are they not taking your emergency seriously? They are, but they also have to consider all their patients. 



The Questionnaire



The form the receptionist asks you to fill out helps them determine your pet's specific emergency. The receptionist will gladly take you through the questions and explain why they are essential. 


After handing in the form, they will ask you to sit and wait while a technician assesses the symptoms you indicated in the form. The technician will then ask for more details about your pet and the emergency. 


Their main intent is to determine the level of danger your pet is facing. If it does not warrant immediate attention, you will likely be asked to wait until they call you in. If it is in immediate danger, they will take your pet to the treatment area.



Treatment Area



If your pet is taken in for treatment, you will likely insist on accompanying your fur baby. The clinic staff will not let you for two main reasons. First, they have many pet patients in the treatment area whose safety they must consider. 


The pets may become erratic at the sight of a stranger's face. Secondly, the treatment area can become messy or unorganized to the unknowing eye. 



The Tests



When your pet is in the urgent care facility, the technician may recommend additional testing after talking to you about the symptoms your pet is experiencing. Some may include blood work or X-rays. To some pet parents, these may seem unnecessary, especially if their pet had those tests recently. However, it is critical that the vet understands precisely what is happening to your pet to treat them efficiently. 



How Much Will Treatment Cost?


The cost of treatment depends on the severity of your pet's illness, diagnostic tests and medication. If you have pet insurance, you may use it, depending on the emergency and your policy. 


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