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How to Improve a Dog's Dental Health

Many overlook their dog's dental health. However, it is crucial to its well-being. Otherwise, your pet will have oral diseases and infections that will not allow them to eat. By the time you notice that there is something wrong, your furry friend may have severe malnutrition. It may even be at the point of death. Therefore, it is essential to improve and maintain their dental health. 

5 Ways to Know If Your Dog Has Knee Pain

Your dog can have knee pain without you knowing. Since they cannot communicate as human beings do, it is ideal to know the signs that show they are experiencing discomfort. Technically, their knee or stifle joint is usually on their rear legs. 

Routine Steps to Take for Summer Pet Health

Summertime is a great time to get out with your pet and play fun games. It is also an excellent time to meet up with other pet owners so that your pets can socialize. However, summertime comes with several challenges for pet care.

Symptoms and Signs of Cancer in Dogs

Do you have a canine companion? If so, you need to know that one of the leading causes of death in older dogs is cancer. When caught early, half of all cancer cases in dogs are curable, according to experts. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to detect cancer early in dogs.  

How Often Do Dogs Need Heartworm Prevention?

The American Heartworm Society suggests giving your dog heartworm medicine every month. Also, you should have your dog checked for heartworms every year. More than 100,000 dogs in America get heartworms yearly, and the number keeps increasing as the disease becomes more common.

Do My Dog's Teeth Need to Be Professionally Cleaned?

Does your dog need to have its teeth professionally cleaned? If so, how often should your dog see the doggy dentist? Dogs develop plaque and tartar on their teeth the same way humans do. Plaque and tartar form from food particles that stick to the teeth and bacteria. Bacteria can grow in the mouth, and spread to the gums.

Responsible Pet Ownership: Top Pet Wellness Tips

Responsible pet ownership is about being a caring and diligent pet parent. This is staying committed to providing satisfactory care and nourishment to your pet to keep them healthy and happy. 

Signs That Your Pet May Be Experiencing a Health Emergency

Pet emergencies can come from sudden diseases, injuries, accidents, or ingestions. Knowing your pet needs emergency care is not always obvious. It is ideal to know the signs that show your pet needs emergency medical care for you to act accordingly.

Pet Health Certificates: What You Need to Know

Every pet owner needs to have health certificates for their furry friends. Airlines, international destinations, and states all have rules and regulations about pet travel. Pets should have health certificates before traveling or moving. These certificates prove that your pet is healthy and up to date on vaccinations. 

What Qualifies as a Pet Emergency?

If you are a pet parent, you need to ensure that your pet is safe and healthy. Regular visits to the vet will help ensure that your pet is in good health. Some situations require immediate medical attention. 

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